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AWCO has been providing warehousing and distribution services to Houston for years, including full pallet, case picking, E-commerce fulfillment, packaging and inventory management services all online!

Affiliated Warehouse Companies, Inc. has worked with Gulf Winds International, Inc. since 2002 and they are considered the top container drayage, transloading and warehousing company in all of Houston, TX.  They have warehouses and transloading facilities at the major sea Ports of Barbours Cut Terminal, TX and Bayport, TX.

They operate over 2,000,000 sq. ft. of public warehouse space to accommodate all transloading, storage and distribution needs.  They also have container terminals as well as BNSF rail ramp operations at Greens Port Terminal.  All of their warehouses are monitored with excellent fire and theft security systems as well as surveillance cameras and are all fully permitted and certified.  They have a full maintenance crew to ensure their facilities are maintained to the highest levels inside and out.  All warehouses are equipped with a state-of-the-art warehouse management system (WMS) that can handle all RF bar coding and provide real time inventory information.

Gulf Winds International, Inc. specializes in transloading which is the process of transferring several shipments from one mode of transportation to another and they transload all types of commodities including lumber, metals, tile, flooring, palletized products, oversized products including transformers, machinery, military vehicles and have overhead crane service at their warehouse.  Gulf Winds International, Inc. has the top drayage services in the Houston area and can legally transport overweight containers to or from Barbours Cut Terminal, Bayport Terminal and the BNSF-Pearland rail ramp, allowing customers to maximize cargo weight on import and export containers and reducing the number of containers a customer needs to ship.

Gulf Winds International, Inc. specializes in working with the major club stores including Costco, BJ’s, Sam’s, Walmart, Target, Home Depot, Lowe’s and many others.  They have a large supporting customer service staff to answer all inquiries on a timely basis and provide customers with seamless service from importing, drayage, warehousing/transloading and outbound delivery.

If you have any of these type products or warehousing and transloading needs in the Houston, TX area then Gulf Winds International, Inc. needs to be considered to handle your valuable cargo and specialize in the food and beverage, retail, forestry, industrial products, cotton and agricultural, tile and stone, energy/oil and gas and overweight drayage, building products.  To learn more about Gulf Winds International, Inc. or to get competitive rates contact Affiliated Warehouse Companies, Inc. at 732-739-2323 or use our online quote form on our website.


Gulf Winds International, Inc.

Warehouse Address: 411 Brisbane Street, Houston TX, 77061

Call: 732-739-2323

Warehouse Type: Public Warehousing/Contract Warehousing

About M&W Distribution Services Inc: 700,000 sq. ft. Food grade. Sprinklered. BNSF, UP, PTRA sidings. Central station monitor security, cameras, lasers. Computerized, Mepaw software, EDI, RF bar coding. Pick and pack. Packaging. U.S. Customs bonded. Approved by the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission for alcoholic beverages. U.S. Customs bonded carrier. Extensive import/export services using own fleet of 20 and 40 ft chassis including sliders, tri-axles, combos and vans. All power units are permitted by the state of Texas to haul overweight containers.

Trucking equipment: 15 trucks; 137 tractors; 20 trailers and 80 triaxles.

Specialists in food, food grade products, consumer goods, beverages, import/export including overweight containers.

Contacts: Todd Stewart, President; Chuck Rice, Customer Service Manager


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