Lakeland FL Public and Contract Warehouse Space

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Affiliated Warehouse Companies supplies high quality warehousing services across North America.

For many logistical businesses, time is always at a premium, and it can be tough to find the man-hours needed to take care of miscellaneous tasks, such as finding warehouse space in a given location. Fortunately, if your company needs to reserve warehouse space, you can always avoid using company resources by utilizing the services offered by Affiliated Warehouse Companies.

To paraphrase what we do, we are a third party marketing representative for warehouses near and far, and it is our job to help them fill up their space. At no cost or obligation to your company, we do all of the necessary research and legwork for you, and find the warehouse space your company needs.

We represent warehouses throughout the United States, including warehouses in Lakeland, Florida. Public, contract, freezer and cooler and hazmat warehouses are among the different types of warehouses we represent; see our “Why AWC” page for a complete look at all the different types.

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You have a great product.  You just need somewhere safe and secure to store it for potential buyers or for use at a later time.


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Our primary function is to assist you in your warehousing and distribution needs. We bring you the resources neccessary to make a smart decision.


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Use our information to find the best available location and service provider for your business or product.  Save time & money when you work with us!