A Brief Guide to Cold Storage Warehouses

Two technician inspectors check machine shelf in cold warehouse. Do you have something perishable or sensitive to temperature that needs to be stored? Things like food, medicines and artwork are examples of what might be stored using “cold storage warehouses.” These types of warehouses are able to keep items at a specific temperature range, thereby maintaining their integrity, quality and/or shelf-life.

What Cold Storage Warehouses Are Used For

Specifically, cold storage warehouses might be used to store things like produce, meat, seafood, flowers, plants, vaccines, blood samples, paintings, cosmetics, chemicals, candles, organic textiles, etc. The cold storage market is huge– in the U.S. alone it’s a $31 billion industry that’s poised to grow and grow through 2030. The three states with the highest cold storage volume are California, Florida and Washington.

Thanks to a combination of great insulation and HVAC cooling systems, cold storage warehouses are able to regulate temperature in such a way that it benefits that which is being stored. Thanks to coolant, pipes, radiators and fans, hot air can be removed from a space and replaced with cooler air. Cold storage warehouses are generally about -10 to -20 degrees, though some can be colder depending on the need. Keep in mind that cold storage involves keeping a specific range in temperature– but this doesn’t include humidity– that’d be a “climate controlled warehouse.”

If you’re looking for refrigerated or frozen cold storage warehousing, Affiliated Warehouse Companies can help you find good options. When looking for a warehouse, consider the distance from your production and customer bases, as well as whether or not the warehouse has easy access to an airport, railway and/or highway. You might also ask about its storage capacity, what kind of energy source it utilizes (and how reliable it is) and what are its monitoring abilities to ensure the right temperature for their goods.

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