What to Look For in the Right Third Party Logistics Company

Female worker at packaging warehouse

Choosing the right logistics partner is kind of like dating. You want to establish and nurture a relationship that’s beneficial and doesn’t cause too many headaches or problems, right? You just want to find a partner that you can get along with, who does what they say they’ll do, shows up when needed and fulfills obligations without hassle!

So if you work at a warehouse or a company that uses warehouses, you might be in the position to choose a logistics partner to help you get your work done on-time and done properly. What are some things to keep in mind when choosing “the right logistics partner?” 

Business Needs

First, what are your business needs right now? Take an honest look at your company and ask yourself, “What’s working and what’s not?” What do you need help with? People who work for you and/or with you can often give you an earful! That said, it’s worth asking around and seeing what people say. You can also look at data– how are turnaround times? What about costs? How empty or full is a warehouse at any given time? The more you know (about your own business), the better it’ll go when looking for the right logistics partner. 

Proper Research

Next, do some research and get a short list of companies that seem to be a good potential fit to partner with– look at their strengths and weaknesses, their location, their management, etc. Is their business similar to yours or not? Do they get positive reviews? What services do they offer? 

Needs Met

Thirdly, the right logistics partner will be able to meet your specific needs. Their services need to meet your needs or else they’re not helpful! Choose a partner that can logically meet your current needs as well as future demands. Keep in mind their geographic coverage, too. Are they local, regional, state-wide, country-wide and/or global? Which makes most sense for your needs? 

Finally, check out a company’s customer service by doing something simple like making a phone call or sending an email with a basic question. See how it’s handled. Do they get back to you right away (or not)? Do they answer your question or say/send something vague? Can you understand them or not? You want a logistics partner that’s readily available and communicates well. 

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