Proper Shipping Warehouse Practices

Loader stacks various boxes on racks in store

Do you manage a warehouse or work in one? What are proper warehouse shipping practices? In general, you have to take into account the items you’re shipping and determine how to package them– perhaps boxes, envelopes or pallets will work depending on what’s what. 

The Three Steps of Shipping

Shipping typically involves three steps. First, orders get aggregated and managed– information is vital in this process. Next, ordered items get picked from the shelves or storage areas and then weighed and packed. A label is affixed to each order and a carrier is chosen as the method of delivery– and finally the order is shipped! 

Warehouses deal with a lot of items and a lot of information. Orders will need address confirmations as well as confirmation(s) of inventory availability. Sometimes orders get combined such that several items all go to the same address at the same time. 

Some of the challenges with shipping include inventory shortages, warehouse layout issues, health or safety hazards at the warehouse, storage or retrieval issues and human error. Systems are often in place to prevent mishaps and problems, but no place is perfect. That said, good warehouses strive for perfection, constantly checking and updating inventory in real time. If needed, warehouses might hire additional workers to handle busy times and/or purchase more reliable equipment when needed. Robots and machines can help increase accuracy and speed. 

Keeping a warehouse clean and organized will truly help efficiency– and make it easier to find items and ship them. 

When warehouses experience shipping problems, management should take a look at what’s being done and then determine what changes need to be made in order to eradicate problems. Workers will often offer their opinions on what’s really happening in a warehouse so their input should not be discounted. When management and workers are on the same page, the warehouse works better! 

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