Our Chicago client – Midwest Warehouse & Distribution System, Inc.

Our Chicago warehouse client — Midwest Warehouse & Distribution System, Inc,  Mike Holland, Vice President Business Development seen wearing an attractive Affiliated Warehouse Companies, Inc black golf polo at his desk in Naperville, IL. Way to go Mikey!!! About: Midwest Warehouse & Distribution System was founded in 1982 by John and Ed Borkowski with the… Read more »

What is Outbound Freight Consolidation?

If your company routinely ships goods all over the country, it’s important for you to find ways to cut your costs when you can. You could be wasting quite a bit of money if you’re not shipping products as efficiently as possible. One way to tighten up your shipping efforts is by taking advantage of… Read more »

Remember These Things When Leasing Warehouse Space

Are you thinking about leasing warehouse space for your company? There are a few obvious things that you’re going to want to consider before you do. You’ll need to figure out how large you’ll need your warehouse to be. You’ll also need to make sure it has loading areas that are well suited to your… Read more »

How Third-Party Logistics Can Help Your Business

If your company has the resources, you’re free to handle things like warehousing, picking and packing, shipping, order fulfillment, and more on your own. Nevertheless, you should also consider working with a third-party logistics company if you want to have someone else worry about these things. There are many benefits that come along with utilizing… Read more »

What Are the Differences Between Contract and Public Warehousing?

Is your company currently looking for warehouse space? You’re free to either buy your own private warehouse space or build a brand-new private warehouse space if you want. However, this isn’t always cost-effective for many companies. As such, they often choose to rent public warehousing or contract warehousing depending on their specific needs. Here is… Read more »