How Third Party Logistic Partners Are Helping During the Pandemic

The global pandemic changed the way most businesses do business. Indeed, 2020 was a challenging year for many businesses who had to learn to adapt to changing conditions and regulations. COVID-19 definitely altered supply chains. It also led to a shift from retail to e-commerce. As if online orders weren’t already exploding, with most people… Read more »

Will More Automation Be Needed to Meet Warehousing Demand?

Will more automation be needed to meet warehousing demands in the years to come? Definitely. We live in an age where everyone wants everything instantly. Automation helps speed things up in warehouses. In an era when every second counts, automation is key. That said, warehouses need to step up their game when it comes to… Read more »

What Are the Most Critical Parts of Warehouse Operations?

What are the most critical parts of warehouse operations? Well, they are the basics: receiving, put-away, storage, picking, packing and shipping. Receiving With receiving, a warehouse needs to verify that what is taken in is what they expect! For instance, they check to make sure what they’re taking in is indeed the correct product, with… Read more »

Tips for Maintaining Warehouse Stock

Do you have a seemingly overflowing warehouse stock? How are you maintaining it? Ideally, you want to keep your warehouse stock well-organized. Efficiency, cleanliness, and orderliness are all important in warehousing. Labeling What can you do to maintain your warehouse stock? First things first: label everything that comes into receiving using a legible barcode label…. Read more »