Technologies That Could Help Warehouses Become More Efficient

Companies that utilize warehouses are always looking for new ways to become more efficient. One way many of them do it is by incorporating cutting-edge forms of technology into their warehouses. Technology can be used to make everything from receiving shipments to finding items in the warehouse much easier. Check out a few forms of… Read more »

What Does Cross Docking Entail?

If your company is committed to getting the products you produce to your customers as quickly as possible, you might want to consider cross docking. Cross docking is a term that refers to the practice of taking products from a manufacturing plant and shipping them directly to customers. It eliminates the need for storing products… Read more »

Affiliated Warehouse Companies, Inc. is proud to work with Tippmann Group

Affiliated Warehouse Companies, Inc. is proud to work with Tippmann Group that also owns Interstate Cold Storage celebrating 50 years of cold storage excellence.  Tippmann Group has built public refrigerated and freezer warehouses operated by Interstate Cold Storage in Chicago (Joliet), IL, Cincinnati (Hamilton), OH, Indianapolis, IN, Norfolk (Newport News), VA, Nashville (Murfreesboro), TN.  Mr…. Read more »

The Impact of E-Commerce on Warehouses

As recently as just a decade ago, most companies weren’t all that concerned with where they rented warehouse space. In fact, renting warehouse space on the outskirts of a city was ideal because it allowed companies to send and receive shipments without disturbing anyone or causing any trouble. But that has changed dramatically in a… Read more »