What are the Benefits of Using a Bonded Warehouse?

If you own a company that specializes in selling imported items, you might be able to benefit from using what’s called a bonded warehouse. A bonded warehouse is a warehouse where items can be stored without paying customs duties. Your company won’t be responsible for paying any duties or taxes owed on any items stored… Read more »

How Does Warehousing Affect Your Business?

How do warehouses affect businesses? Basically, warehouses are vital places to store goods and products. Warehouse space is used to store finished goods, raw materials and more, as needed. A Centralized Location for Product Inventory Why choose a particular warehouse? Most businesses want and like having a centralized location to store their items. Having a… Read more »

The Three Vital Components of Warehousing Logistics

A warehouse can work wonders for your business if you know how to use it to your advantage. It can help you store and ship your products more effectively while keeping your customers happy. Nevertheless, a warehouse can also turn into a logistical nightmare if you don’t educate yourself on how to use one prior… Read more »

Is the Warehousing Market Slowing Down?

It’s been very difficult for companies to get their hands on warehouse space in recent years. There simply hasn’t been enough warehouse space to go around thanks to the e-commerce boom. However, according to a new report, the red-hot warehouse market could cool off just a bit over the course of the next three years…. Read more »

PRISM Logistics is our Hayward, Stockton, Livermore and Sacramento, CA warehouse client. Way to go Prism Logistics and continue the business growth and adding more jobs to California!

Leading Northern California Warehouse Logistics Provider Now Operates 1,600,000 Square Feet   DANVILLE, Calif., May 23, 2019 (Newswire.com) –Following closely on its announcement of a third facility in Stockton, California, PRISM Logistics announces a fourth facility now open and operating in the increasingly important Central Valley market. The lower cost of real estate in California’s… Read more »