Don’t Forget the Human Aspect of Warehousing

While warehouses have become more automated in recent times, there’s still the human aspect of warehousing and it’s important. Warehousing is Vital to Our Economy For a long time, warehouse jobs were viewed as just that: jobs. They weren’t “careers” for most people. Unfortunately, warehouse workers have been treated as a commodity that can be… Read more »

How Can You Reduce Warehouse Costs?

Warehouse costs can quickly add up– you’ve got workers to pay, machines that use gas or electricity, heating/cooling equipment and plenty more expenses. Forklifts aren’t free. Someone has to manage the place. Even something like waste management services can cost quite a bit. So, how can you reduce warehouse costs? Storage and Layout First, optimize… Read more »

An Introduction to E-Commerce Warehousing

With ecommerce warehousing, there are several things to consider. What are some of those things? Time Saving Storage Well, for starters, think about chaotic storage, which was pioneered by Amazon. This is a way to store products without following a logical process. Instead, it involves putting things on any shelf space available when they arrive…. Read more »

How Warehouses Can Acquire More Customers

How can warehouses acquire customers? There are several ways. Traditional Marketing Methods Consider traditional marketing methods like print media, street signage and advertisements in newspapers. Those are all ways to “get your name out there.” Of course, warehouses can also acquire new customers through customer referrals, agents/brokers, and networking events, too. Then there’s the company… Read more »

Warehouse Managers Often Have to Solve These Problems

What are some common warehouse management problems? There are plenty, but here we can focus on some of the most common ones… Same Old Processes First, there’s the issue of redundant processes. For example, does it happen at your warehouse where workers pass the same ticket through multiple hands? This is time consuming and may… Read more »