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How to Reduce the Temperature of Warehouses in the Summer

It’s that time of year when the weather starts warming up, and as summer approaches you can expect hotter temperatures daily. With that in mind, how can you cool down a warehouse in the summer? There are numerous ways. Since workers don’t love to work in extreme heat, and products shouldn’t be melting (right?), it’s… Read more »

What Type of Warehouse Does My Business Need?

Either you’re thinking of starting a business or you’ve got one going and you now are tasked with the idea of finding the right warehouse for that business. What are some things to keep in mind when searching for a decent warehouse for your business? Finding the Right Warehouse For Your Operation Not all warehouses… Read more »

How Can You Reduce Warehouse Costs?

Warehouse costs can quickly add up– you’ve got workers to pay, machines that use gas or electricity, heating/cooling equipment and plenty more expenses. Forklifts aren’t free. Someone has to manage the place. Even something like waste management services can cost quite a bit. So, how can you reduce warehouse costs? Optimize Your Storage Locations First,… Read more »

What Are the Key Elements of Warehousing?

Warehouse Management

How much do you know about warehousing? Thanks to online shopping, warehousing is more important than ever. Warehousing is basically storing products before they’re sold. Warehouses come up with methods to determine when items arrive, where they’re placed in storage, how long they’re there, and how/when they’re shipped out of the facility to reach the… Read more »

Strategies Implemented by Successful Warehouses

Large modern warehouse with forklifts

When warehouses want to be successful, they implement certain strategies. A well-run warehouse wants to move products through their space and into the hands of consumers quickly. Also, if value-added services can be added on, that’s good! What are some specific strategies that help make warehouses successful, valuable and profitable? Smart Warehouses Put Customers First… Read more »

What Are the Responsibilities of a Third Party Logistics Company?

If you’re a consumer and you order something from a well-known retailer, does that retailer have their own staff members deliver items you bought to your door? Not necessarily. Oftentimes third party logistics companies are involved. They provide supply chain processes for companies, and these processes can include things like procurement, transportation and distribution functions. … Read more »

How to Stay Ahead of the Curve at Peak Warehouse Season

Busy Warehouse Worker

It’s that time of the year– the holiday season. It’s the time of year when people give gifts to one another, and spending is at an all-time high in December. Do you work in a warehouse? How can you stay ahead of the curve during peak warehouse season? Ideally, you’ll optimize your pick-pack-ship process using… Read more »

Preparing Your Warehouse For Peak Season

It’s that time of year again, when people start to think of giving gifts during the upcoming holiday season. And when that happens, they order things like crazy, and that means it’s peak season for many warehouses around North America. After all, people want their items shipped well before December 25, and that means warehouses… Read more »

Why More Warehouse Are Specializing in E-Commerce Fulfillment

Why does it seem like more warehouses are specializing in e-commerce fulfillment these days? Well, more and more people are buying things online and expecting them to be delivered to their home or office. In 2019, for instance, e-commerce contributed some $190 billion to the economy, and, as you’d expect, it just keeps growing year… Read more »

What Does an AIB Certification Mean for a Third-Party Logistics Company?

Affiliated Warehouse Companies has built its reputation as trusted third-party logistics partners for businesses throughout North America. We go above and beyond to make sure products entrusted with our warehousing partners are safe; we make sure each warehouse we work with is clean, able to receive and export products on time, and have trustworthy workers… Read more »