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How Can You Reduce Warehouse Costs?

Warehouse costs can quickly add up– you’ve got workers to pay, machines that use gas or electricity, heating/cooling equipment and plenty more expenses. Forklifts aren’t free. Someone has to manage the place. Even something like waste management services can cost quite a bit. So, how can you reduce warehouse costs? Storage and Layout First, optimize… Read more »

An Introduction to E-Commerce Warehousing

With ecommerce warehousing, there are several things to consider. What are some of those things? Time Saving Storage Well, for starters, think about chaotic storage, which was pioneered by Amazon. This is a way to store products without following a logical process. Instead, it involves putting things on any shelf space available when they arrive…. Read more »

How Warehouses Can Acquire More Customers

How can warehouses acquire customers? There are several ways. Traditional Marketing Methods Consider traditional marketing methods like print media, street signage and advertisements in newspapers. Those are all ways to “get your name out there.” Of course, warehouses can also acquire new customers through customer referrals, agents/brokers, and networking events, too. Then there’s the company… Read more »

Warehouse Managers Often Have to Solve These Problems

What are some common warehouse management problems? There are plenty, but here we can focus on some of the most common ones… Same Old Processes First, there’s the issue of redundant processes. For example, does it happen at your warehouse where workers pass the same ticket through multiple hands? This is time consuming and may… Read more »

Are Warehouses Overwhelmed?

We are living in unprecedented times. The global pandemic has definitely affected supply chains. And warehouses are overwhelmed! In some markets, occupancy is 99%. Think about it this way: for several months, things shut down. People stayed home from work. Things became backlogged. And, while people were home, they went on online shopping sprees, ordering… Read more »

How to Stay Ahead of the Curve at Peak Warehouse Season

Busy Warehouse Worker

It’s that time of the year– the holiday season. It’s the time of year when people give gifts to one another, and spending is at an all-time high in December. Do you work in a warehouse? How can you stay ahead of the curve during peak warehouse season? Ideally, you’ll optimize your pick-pack-ship process using… Read more »

Warehousing Is Taking Over the Country

If you were alive in the 1980s, you might remember seeing TV news reporters showing parents fighting in stores to get their kids Cabbage Patch dolls. And if you think back to the movies of the 1980s and 1990s, you’ll probably remember quite a few of them were set at a shopping mall, which was… Read more »

Tips for Choosing an E-Commerce Fulfillment Center

Worker filling on demand order in e-commerce fulfillment center

If you’re selling things online, then you need to get your orders to your customers. You’ll probably want to choose an e-commerce fulfillment center to take care of that work. What are some things to consider when choosing an e-commerce fulfillment center? Shipping Needs First, you should care about shipping speeds. Customers want their items… Read more »

Why More Warehouse Are Specializing in E-Commerce Fulfillment

Why does it seem like more warehouses are specializing in e-commerce fulfillment these days? Well, more and more people are buying things online and expecting them to be delivered to their home or office. In 2019, for instance, e-commerce contributed some $190 billion to the economy, and, as you’d expect, it just keeps growing year… Read more »

What is E-Commerce Fulfillment?

Okay, you have a business. And that business sells stuff online. How does that stuff get to the buyer? If it’s physical, in nature, such that you can touch it, then it needs to be shipped to the buyer so they can receive it in person. The buyer wants to get what they bought quickly… Read more »