Don’t Forget the Human Aspect of Warehousing

Warehouse workers working together at warehouse While warehouses have become more automated in recent times, there’s still the human aspect of warehousing and it’s important.

Warehousing is Vital to Our Economy

For a long time, warehouse jobs were viewed as just that: jobs. They weren’t “careers” for most people. Unfortunately, warehouse workers have been treated as a commodity that can be added or dropped as needed, without much regard to their needs. However, the pandemic happened, and nowadays things are a bit different. Warehouse managers recognize that employees are needed now more than ever, and they’re doing what they can to pay them better and treat them better, too. Retaining workers is a necessity in this era of many people just quitting the workforce altogether.

Does this mean warehouse managers should just offer financial incentives or educational opportunities to their workers to help attract and/or keep them? While those are good things, it’s also important to meet the workers where they’re at and think about their lives with an empathetic viewpoint. What motivates them? What do they like? Are they getting what they want or not? Do they feel valued or not?

If warehouses want to do well, they need to treat their workers well. This means that management and workers need to have open and transparent communication. Workers need to feel like management cares about their safety, whether it’s having them wear masks (if they want to) or not (if no one wants to)… or giving them proper breaks so they don’t overwork themselves and drop from exhaustion, etc. Warehouse work can be tough, so it’s important to make accommodations for workers when they ask– don’t treat them like robots or animals. Listen to their concerns and adjust things accordingly if possible.

Find out what workers want. If they’d benefit from meeting with money managers or mortgage counselors, or they’re trying to save up money for a wedding or buying a house, help them improve their lives and meet their goals. When you do that, you’ve got satisfied, loyal workers.

Proactive companies often do better than reactive ones.

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