Prepare Your Warehouse for the Upcoming Fall System

Warehouse worker checking stock as she prepares for fall seasonYou’ve heard of “spring cleaning,” and as seasons change, people often think about the passage of time and what needs to be done to keep current. This is true for almost all industries, including the warehousing industry. As seasons change– from summer to fall– it’s time to prepare your warehouse for the fall season.

The Start of the Holiday Rush

Fall is the time to think about the upcoming holiday season, which is the time of year when people seem to spend the most thanks to so many gift exchanges. Fall is also the time of year to take stock of what hasn’t moved– what inventory is aging in the warehouse when it would be better off moving out of the warehouse?

As Fall approaches, it’s a good idea to organize your warehouse to get rid of aging inventory and make room for new inventory. To get rid of aging inventory, companies might consider offering special sales or deals. If the product won’t be moving anytime soon, then it needs to be put somewhere “out of the way” to be stored over the holidays. It shouldn’t be occupying prime space in the warehouse.

Consider customizing the rack system configuration in anticipation of new inventory arriving this Fall. Ensure that pallets, in particular, are easy to access. Take some time to do some clean-up of the aisles and racks, since the beginning of Fall can be considered “the calm before the storm.” You know which months are busiest, so do the work needed to get the warehouse in order before the busiest months arrive and your sole focus is dealing with holiday shipments.

The fall season starts September 22 this year and continues all the way through December 21. In December, your warehouse will probably be somewhat cleared out since many things will have been shipped so customers could have their holiday presents in time for Christmas and such.

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