Fun Warehousing Facts That Make You Appreciate the Changes in the Industry

Stacks of pallets in a warehouse In the old days, most warehouses were less than 10,000 square feet. These days? A good majority of warehouses in the U.S. are over 25,000 square feet. If you think about it, in the old days people lived in smaller homes and didn’t have nearly as much stuff as they do today. In the past couple decades America saw many “McMansions” go up in suburban communities, and all those well-to-do families filled those giant houses with lots of stuff from various stores. Warehouses that got built within the past couple decades were built bigger than their predecessors.

Warehousing Changes Are the Only Constant

How have warehouse services changed recently? Well, what was “special service” years ago is now kind of expected of most warehouses. For example, reducing customer order times, simplifying returns and increasing shipment accuracy are all pretty much the norm nowadays. After all, customers demand such things! Warehouses utilize integrated warehouse management, customer relationship and financial systems to take their data on orders and make it work for them, making sure inventory levels are going to meet or exceed customers’ expectations.

Though reusable containers aren’t exactly ubiquitous–yet– they’re definitely making their mark in some warehouses. They’re gaining in popularity because they reduce costs– rather than waste money using disposable containers, money can be saved using reusable ones.

It’s pretty amazing to think that a person could order something and receive it delivered to their door within the same day, but that’s also something warehouses are helping make a reality. Local same-day deliveries are a trend.

What about truck drivers? Without them, warehouses wouldn’t be as successful as they are– trucks deliver the majority of freight in the U.S., including most manufactured and retail goods.

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