Warehousing Versus Logistics

Young warehouse worker consulting a tabletWhen people talk about warehousing and logistics they often use the terms interchangeably. That said, they are a bit different, though they do share functions within a supply chain of a business. If you were to define warehousing on its own, then you’d say it’s about the safe storage of goods within a building. Makes sense, right? As for logistics, that’s an aspect of warehousing that involves both the storage of goods and the delivery of goods.


Warehousing refers to commercial buildings used for storing goods and/or raw materials that are either in production or for sale. Warehouses are central locations for receiving goods/products, as well as storing them and then distributing them elsewhere. At a typical warehouse, goods are unloaded from trucks or trains and then “received,” such that it’s noted what came in and where it’s being put in the warehouse. Goods are checked, stored, picked, handled, etc.


Logistics involves the inbound and outbound flow of goods into and out of the warehouse. With logistics, things that matter include transportation (how are goods being moved?) and inventory (what’s being moved and how many items are there?) among other things. Customers want to know if their product is readily available and able to be shipped to them in a timely manner. Logistics helps answer those questions.

While warehousing and logistics are two separate functions, they work in tandem and are a vital part of the supply chain of products and such.

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