How to Reduce the Temperature of Warehouses in the Summer

Warm warehouse worker wiping away sweat on top of boxes It’s that time of year when the weather starts warming up, and as summer approaches you can expect hotter temperatures daily. With that in mind, how can you cool down a warehouse in the summer? There are numerous ways.

Since workers don’t love to work in extreme heat, and products shouldn’t be melting (right?), it’s important to take into consideration the indoor temperature of a warehouse in the summertime. If the place gets too hot, workers could experience fatigue and heat exhaustion, passing out on the floor. So, what are some helpful options to combat the heat?

Tips for Keeping a Warehouse Cool

First and foremost, warehouses benefit from having overhead ceiling fans to keep air moving throughout the building(s). Whether you use huge, industrial fans, small, portable fans or a combination of the two, you can definitely lower the warehouse air temperature thanks to fans.

Besides fans, warehouses can utilize air conditioners (especially near heat-generating machinery) and dehumidifiers (which remove moisture from the air, making it feel cooler and more comfortable). Some warehouses also use vinyl strip curtains on entry doors and overhead dock doors to keep hot air out of the building. Also, use screen doors to let air in or out to help keep warehouses cooler.

How’s your warehouse’s insulation? If you’ve got good insulation, it keeps heat inside during cold days and keeps cool air inside (preventing it from escaping outside) during the summer months. Insulation should cover the ceiling and outer walls.

Where trucks pull up, does your warehouse have truck shelters? These are used to create a seal between the warehouse and the back of the truck, so they help keep outside hot air from coming inside on hot summer days. It’s nice to have shade and insulation when loading/unloading trucks.

Finally, if you’re going to replace your warehouse roof anytime soon, look into “cool” roof options. Light-colored roofs can reflect heat away from your building.

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