Avoid These Warehousing Mishaps

Two Warehouse colleagues standing togetherHave you ever seen the magnet that says, “Poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine?” Well, with warehousing, poor planning is one of the major mistakes made that results in major problems for workers and the place where they work!

Besides poor planning, what are some common warehousing mistakes?

In-House Maintenance

If a warehouse isn’t keeping accurate inventory records, that’s a problem. If a warehouse isn’t following standard safety procedures, that’s another mistake they’re making, and it could result in people getting hurt. An unorganized, unclean warehouse is a bad thing. It can lead to all sorts of serious problems, including getting the business in trouble with OSHA.

Traffic Jams Along Picking Pathways

If a warehouse doesn’t have optimized picking pathways, there’ll be traffic jams and chaos– not good. Store products bought together in close proximity. Use mobile handsets to make the picking process hands-free. Don’t “waste” movements.

Poorly Trained Personnel

Today it seems like companies are desperate for workers so they’ll hire people quickly and perhaps not train them properly. This is a big mistake! Workers without adequate training are not going to do their jobs well, and they’re going to create more problems that will involve others taking time away from their jobs to correct the mistakes the untrained people make.

Wasting Money on Excess Inventory

Some warehouses store too much “excess” inventory, and for what? It costs money to store items, right? Don’t waste money storing excess items that have expired or become obsolete. Also, don’t understock the popular items. You need to find and achieve a good inventory balance.

Not Investing in New Technology

Finally, some warehouses are still stuck in the stone age– well, they’re at least “behind the times.” If a warehouse is ignoring technology solutions, they might end up getting left behind, in the dust, and/or closing– they have to keep up with the times– keep up with this fast-paced, computer-driven world.

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