An Overview of Voice Picking Technology in Warehouses

Male Warehouse Worker Counting InventoryVoice picking is something warehouses can benefit from, since voice picking systems connect to the warehouse management system and can convert orders into voice commands for workers to hear in their headphones. Then, the worker can verbally confirm their movements. Info gets recorded in the system– automatically. This is very convenient and helpful. It allows “pickers” to move quickly while reducing errors.

What Does Voice Picking Mean?

Voice picking involves workers wearing headsets with microphones and a control device (which is usually fastened at the waste). The warehouse management system has info that it tells the voice picking device, and this device translates it for the worker. Receiving a message on their headset, the worker is told where to go to find the item they need to retrieve. They’re also told info like the SKU as well as the quantity needed. When the worker gets to the spot where they’re supposed to be, they speak the control code into the mic and then pick the item they’re supposed to retrieve. The waste management system registers this info, matching it up and validating quantities left on the shelf. Later on, the voice picking device tells the worker which printer to go to in order to get printed labels and to finish the order.

Why do warehouses use voice picking technology? Well, it helps increase both the speed and accuracy of picking jobs, thereby boosting productivity. Furthermore, there’s a decrease in the number of errors made, which helps prevent items from being damaged or time being wasted. Voice picking allows workers to have both hands free in order to carry items.

Voice picking is an easy process to learn. It requires minimal training and doesn’t require big changes to an existing warehouse’s infrastructure. Companies agree that voice picking isn’t expensive and, better yet, the return on investment comes quickly.

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