Tips for Finding an International Warehouse

Are you looking for an international warehouse? Companies looking to expand to new and unfamiliar markets often look for international warehouses to attract new customers and then ship products to them. In this era of global trade, many companies realize that they don’t have to just stay local or even national anymore– they can “go international” because “the world can be their customer.”

Technology, globalization and other factors have helped change the landscape of and for business in the past couple decades. It seems like the world is more interconnected than ever, and business owners like the idea of widening their markets and getting a competitive advantage when possible.

When looking for an international warehouse to better serve your customers, what are some things to consider?

Find the Right Location

First, it’s all about location. You should choose a location that’s as close to your foreign customers as possible. For example, if you make things in Vietnam and the majority of your customers are in New York City, then a warehouse near there makes sense. You will also want to investigate what kind of regulations are in place in certain locations– it’s always easier to have a warehouse located somewhere that has regulations which are easy to comply with, rather than facing too many restrictions and “red tape”.

Look for the Best Offer

Next, how about costs? It costs money to store and handle goods. Fulfilling orders isn’t free. You might want to “shop around” to see which warehouse offers the kind of pricing that best fits your budget. Oftentimes, companies utilize affordable third party logistics providers.

Search for Beneficial Warehouses Features

Finally, think about warehouse features. You want to make sure the international warehouse you choose can handle your products the way you need them to be handled. For instance, do they have freezers if your products need to be kept frozen? If possible, visit warehouses you’re most interested in– that way you can see, for yourself, how they handle goods. Check to see if they care about safety and cleanliness. Get to know the managers and judge for yourself whether you think they’re worthy of your business.

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