Tips for Finding the Right Warehouse in Los Angeles

Are you currently looking or plan to look for “the right warehouse” in Los Angeles? What are some tips for finding what you want?

Location is Key

First, consider location. You want to be in close proximity to major ports and transportation hubs if those matter to you. For most companies, it’s all about location! With 13 acres (5 hectares) of warehousing facilities that extend along 1,720 feet of berth length, Port of Los Angeles warehouses feature rail accessibility and storage convenience for a host of shipping lines. If you can’t get a warehouse at the Port of Los Angeles, but you will use its services, then you’d at least want to get a warehouse in close proximity to it. As for highways, in Los Angeles it makes sense to be close to the 101, 10 and/or 405 depending on which highway(s) matter to you. 

Safe Environments

Next, consider the environment the warehouse is in– is it the kind of area that’s  a bit dangerous? Or does it have a campus environment with lots of resources available nearby? How well-maintained is the area around the warehouse? How’s security in the neighborhood? Ideally, you don’t want to have your goods broken or stolen– you want them well-protected in a safe place. You also want employees to feel safe when they come to work.

The Right Type of Warehouse

Thirdly, what kind of warehouse in L.A. are you specifically looking for– narrow your search down to finding a distribution center, fulfillment center and/or manufacturing warehouse.

Finally, consider the cost. How much can you afford? Try to find three potential warehouses you’re most interested in and then list pros and cons of each place. You’ll want to pick places within your budget. For example, maybe one place charges $2,000 a month rent and another one charges $3,000 but the one that’s cheaper actually has more pros than cons so you can save money and still get a good deal– basically compare places to see where you get the most bang for your buck(s)! 

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