Everything You Need to Know About Drayage Services

What are drayage (dray) services? The term drayage refers to the shipping of goods over a short distance, such as from the port to rail or the port to a truck. Typically, this short distance can be covered in an hour or two, and is kept within the same geographical area. Drayage services are often… Read more »

A Brief Guide to Cold Storage Warehouses

Do you have something perishable or sensitive to temperature that needs to be stored? Things like food, medicines and artwork are examples of what might be stored using “cold storage warehouses.” These types of warehouses are able to keep items at a specific temperature range, thereby maintaining their integrity, quality and/or shelf-life. What Cold Storage… Read more »

Avoid These Warehousing Pitfalls

Are you managing your warehouse facility and want to ensure it runs smoothly? What are some warehousing pitfalls you can try to avoid? Overflow Inventory First up, there’s the issue of too much inventory taking up too much space. When this happens your budget is going to be “off” and you might even be wasting… Read more »