Arkansas | Warehouse Services

Arkansas’s location has a lot of positives when it comes to logistics because of its location. Since it’s not too South and not too West, it’s a great position for companies to find public warehousing. From Arkansas, shipments can easily reach Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas, Missouri and places along the Gulf Coast.

Beyond shipping, our warehouses are in ideal locations to store shipments moving north from the deep south and vice versa.

Our warehouses in Arkansas are located in Little Rock, which is in a central location in the state. Little Rock is actually a transportation hub for many companies, and those goods moving to or from the South and West should consider Arkansas as a convenient and ideal location.

Although Arkansas isn’t the biggest state by any stretch of the imagination, it does have the 13th largest highway system of the 50 states to help reach anywhere from Birmingham AL to New Orleans LA. For more information about our facility, click on the Little Rock page or fill out the contact form below.