Delaware | Warehouse Services

The nation’s first state has a pair of warehousing locations that can cater to a variety of logistic needs for companies across the nation.

We offer two Delaware locations to clients, a warehouse facility in New Castle and a warehouse in Wilmington. Both locations are located in the northern part of the state and both within close proximity to the Delaware River.

Our Delaware warehouses are also very close to Interstate 95, which follows close to the East Coast down to Florida, and Delaware State Route 1, which takes people into southern Delaware.

Public warehousing facilities in Delaware are used for a variety of different purposes, including import/export, cross docking, consolidation services and trucking. Also, our warehouses are close to Philadelphia, Baltimore and South New Jersey, so if you’re a company in any of those areas finding trouble with public warehousing, you may want to consider using one of our warehouses in Delaware.

For more information about our two locations located in Wilmington and New Castle, click on the links below or fill out a contact form.

Delaware Warehouse Locations:
Wilmington, DE