Don’t Let the Summer Heat Adversely Affect Warehouse Operations 

Smiling manual worker scanning package in warehouseDon’t let the summer heat adversely affect your warehouse operations. What are some things a warehouse can do to keep cool in the summer?


Consider utilizing metal screen doors to help with airflow. Rather than just leaving a normal door open, which can invite pests and bugs inside, screened doors are ideal.


Check your warehouse’s current insulation. It might need some maintenance or updates. Also, assess your fan situation. Ideally, you want to use fans with high volume and low speed to help keep your warehouse cool.


Machinery tends to get hot. During summer, only run machines when they’re actually needed rather than just running them all the time.

Generators and Dehumidifiers

Have a backup generator just in case the power goes out– and that way you can keep products (and employees) cool on hot days in the summer. Speaking of employees, make sure they don’t get heat exhaustion. Provide water for them and give them breaks as needed in order to cool down on warmer work days.

Since humidity can be a problem in the summer, utilize dehumidifiers to take moisture out of the air, which in turn will make the working environment cooler and more pleasant. 

Using What’s Around You

Keep doors and gates closed so that cool air doesn’t escape outside.

Do you have any trees around your warehouse? They can be a great way to provide some natural shade, which in turn helps with utility costs. Plant trees with leaves, and that way when they drop leaves for winter, your warehouse will get as much warming sunshine as possible during that colder season.

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