Here’s Why Voice Technology is Becoming More and More Prevalent in Warehouses

Voice Directed WarehousesTechnology is getting more amazing every year. What was once unthinkable is now becoming normal and “reality.” For instance, you can talk into your phone and have it recognize the words you say and type them out in order to text someone with a message. You couldn’t do that 30 years ago. Technology is getting more sophisticated. It is everywhere around us and making an impact on society. We live in a world where machines and computers do a lot of the work previously done by hand and by humans.

Decrease Waiting Time

We live in a fast-paced society. Businesses are trying to meet customers’ expectations, and most customers want what they want sooner than later… Indeed, many people place orders expecting their products to arrive at their doorstep within days or even hours rather than weeks or months of “waiting time.” Because of this, voice technology is becoming more prevalent in warehouses.

Improved Accuracy

Why is voice technology in warehouses on the rise? Well, it helps improve speed and accuracy. Voice technology involves a machine or program being able to receive and interpret spoken language. When it comes to warehouses, this technology connects a warehouse management system with floor staff utilizing plain language commands. How is this beneficial? It eliminates the need for RF scanners or paper.

More Productivity

Voice technology creates an interaction between a product and its users. As a tool, it can be used to increase warehouse productivity. When floor staff use their voice to get work done, processes get accomplished quite quickly, in a hands-free, eyes-free, wireless way. Workers can be more mobile. Traditional RF scanners, which involve looking at a screen and/or keying in information, aren’t needed anymore.

Functional Even in Noisy Environments

Aren’t warehouses noisy? They usually are, but warehouse voice technology is effective even in noisy environments! It can be used for many purposes, including picking, receiving, put-away, replenishment, cycle counting, etc.

Warehouses that want to increase productivity and accuracy should utilize voice technology.

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