How to Combat Food and Beverage Warehouse Challenges  

Warehouse at the beverages factory.

People need food and water to survive. Therefore, there’s always a market for food and beverages wherever there are people. Because there are so many people in the world today, oftentimes food and beverages are controlled by giant, multinational corporations utilizing warehouses around the world to store and then deliver their products to market. How can warehouses combat food and beverage warehouse challenges these days? Good question. 

Order fulfillment processes are quite complex today. Companies seemingly need to come up with new and innovative solutions to meet today’s ever-changing needs. For instance, consumers today like to know exactly where their food or beverages come from– so that means items need to be traceable… there needs to be supply chain transparency. Meanwhile, safety regulations must be met. There are more and more SKUs with smaller product quantities because people are diversifying their diets. Also, there’s a rise in mixed-SKU pallets and cases. 

Some of the main challenges for the food and beverage warehouse industry include labor shortages and changes in consumer behaviors (abandoning higher-priced brands thanks to outrageous inflation). To combat these challenges, warehouses may need to beef up their use of automated processes to meet order fulfillment and retailer demands. Using automated guided vehicles and conveyors to transport products can help… as can automated storage and retrieval systems. Cloud-based warehouse management systems can also help with warehouse efficiency. Robotic case picking is also a way to meet warehouse needs when there are labor shortages. 

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