How Warehouses are Designing Tech-Friendly Systems for Workers

For years now, most of the companies that rent out warehouses throughout North America have relied on handheld scanning devices designed by Motorola Systems Inc. to keep track of their inventory. These devices, which are commonly called bricks, are found in many warehouses and help companies to carry out their operations. However, over the last few years, warehouses have started to make big changes and incorporate new types of tech in an effort to attract millennials looking for jobs in the e-commerce industry.

TechStyle Fashion Group, which runs a 450,000 square foot warehouse in California, is one company that is using new tech to its advantage. Rather than handing new employees a brick and telling them to learn how to use it, they’ve found ways to run their operations through Apple’s operating system. This means that new employees who are familiar with using smartphones and apps are able to pick up on how to manage inventory, track shipments, and more a whole lot quicker. Some companies are even utilizing emojis to keep track of their inventory in warehouses. Younger people seem to be responding well to this and showing more of an interest in working in warehouse spaces.

Of course, some companies are yet to take to these new practices. Established companies like Amazon already have their own systems in place and aren’t going to completely overhaul them to adapt to workers. However, many new companies are finding that designing tech-friendly systems for workers is making it easier for employees to get a handle on the way their warehouses work while also making the employees themselves more productive.

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