John Tippmann, Jr. Ready to Assume Command Upon Retirement of President Chuck Tippmann

Visit Website of Tippmann GroupChuck Tippmann has formally announced his retirement from the position of president at Tippmann Group/Interstate Warehousing, Fort Wayne, IN. He will be succeeded by John Tippmann, Jr.

Chuck Tippmann began his career at Tippmann Group in 1980 as a project manager, and worked his way up to the top when he took over the day-to-day operations from Tippmann Group owner (and presi­dent, at the time) John Tippmann, Sr. in 1992.

“I am happy to announce that John Tippmann, Jr. will assume my role as president of the Tippmann Group,” Chuck Tippmann said. “I am most confident in his wealth of expe­rience and knowledge of our company and industry, and I couldn’t be more comfortable with leaving my position in John Jr.’s capable hands.”

The transition to the next gener­ation has been part of a long-term plan for the Tippmann family. John Jr., 46, has been involved with the Tippmann Group since the age of 20, when he started out working as a warehouse supervisor. Since that time, he has been involved in all aspects of the Group and Interstate Warehousing businesses, including warehouse operations and develop­ment, real estate management and construction operations.

The Tippmann Group has designed and built distribution centers for some of the largest companies in the food industry, from retailers and foodservice operators to processors. Its Interstate Warehousing division offers customized storage and distrib­ution programs at eight facilities throughout the U.S.

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