Kenco is the largest woman-owned third­-party logistics company in the United States

Customer Testimonial:

What I like about Kenco is that you are big enough to handle our business and everything we throw at you, but you are small enough that we are important to you.”

Kenco is the largest woman-owned third­-party logistics company in the United States, They provide integrated logistics solutions that include distribution and fulfillment, comprehensive transportation management, material handling services, real estate management and information technology – all engineered for Operational Excellence.

Privately-held and financially strong, they take their corporate responsibility seriously by engaging in ethical, honest and sustainable business practices. Their agility, customer dedication and common sense solutions drive uncommon value.

By leveraging the strengths of their five operating companies, they engineer innovative solutions that provide tangible value. These companies are committed to providing the highest level of quality, service and continuous improvement in the following areas:

Distribution and Fulfillment

Kenco operates over 30 million sq. ft. of warehouse space across North America. They perform services that go far beyond the receiving and storage of freight, network optimization, sequencing, raw materials management, product testing, vendor-managed inventory and regulated pharmaceutical destruction are just a few of the value-added services they perform, Kenco’s technology solutions bring agility and flexibility to their customers.  They offer the combination of several powerful tools that can help you manage your information, workforce, inventory, space and time.

Transportation Management

Companies rely on Kenco for innovative solutions that lower transportation costs, improve customer service and reduce order cycle times.  Their experts focus on your transportation needs so you can focus on your company’s core competency. Kenco offers full-service transportation solutions, which include dedicated fleet management, freight management, transportation brokerage, over the road transportation and transportation management systems.

Material Handling Solutions

Kenco has been providing material handling equipment (MHE) and maintenance services for over 46 years. In addition to regional forklift dealerships, Kenco has the ability to provide on-site technicians that perform preventative maintenance and repairs. This service can substantially reduce equipment downtime and maintenance costs. They also offer a fleet strategy service that tracks and reports MHE data to allow management to make more informed equipment decisions.

Real Estate Management

JDK Real Estate is known for optimum site selection and rate negotiation power. Leveraging their partnerships with internationally known real estate firms they provide a “on­e-stop shop” capable of managing the real estate process from beginning to end; locating an existing site or building-to­-suit, customizing, equipping and managing customers’ distribution centers.

Through their Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC) certification, Kenco fulfills a unique market niche by offering high-quality and comprehensive services on a large scale while allowing customers to meet supplier diversity goals.

(Jane Kennedy Greene is Chairwoman & CEO of Kenco Logistic Services LLC)