Kentucky | Warehouse Services

With three locations in Kentucky, let Affiliated Warehouse Companies find the right warehouse for your company’s logistic and shipping needs. Our warehouse facilities in Louisville, Walton and Winchester serve all of Kentucky and even nearby states of Ohio and Indiana.

Our warehouse facility in Walton serves Cincinnati, and its location next to I-75 and I-71 makes it ideal for transporting goods across the state. All three locations have an advantage to its proximity to different shipping locations. Walton’s public warehousing facility makes it easier to serve Kentucky and Ohio. Winchester can provide Lexington a warehouse destination along with places heading east down I-64 toward the east coast, and when shipping out of Louisville, trucks can reach as far west as Kansas City and as south as Southern Alabama in a single day.

Our ideal public warehouse locations in Louisville, Winchester and Walton Kentucky all perform a variety of different services as well. Consolidation, cross-docking, transloading, pick and pack, along with freezer and cooler warehousing are just some of the services our warehouses can provide. If you’re looking to cut down logistic and shipping costs and believe having storage or warehousing facilities in Kentucky is your answer, contact AWCO today and let us find a warehouse to fit your needs.