Maryland | Warehouse Services

Affiliated Warehouse Companies has three public and industrial warehouse locations in Maryland, situated across the state.

Because of the Helen Delich Bentley Port of Baltimore, the need for warehousing is high, and we have reputable and responsible contacts throughout the state to help cater to the logistic needs of companies. Our warehouse locations are in Baltimore, Hagerstown and Jessup. Each location has its advantages.

Baltimore is close to the port, which is one of the largest ports in the U.S. and second in gross tonnage on the eastern seaboard. We’re able to provide a wide-range of services for freight that comes through this port on a daily basis. Our public warehouse facility in Hagerstown is a great location in terms of logistics. It’s located next to the I-70/I-81 junction, so goods are able to move west to Pittsburgh and Columbus, south through Virginia or north toward New England. Our Jessup facility serves as a nice hub for goods between Baltimore and Washington D.C.

All of our Maryland public warehouses are able to do a variety of different services for a multitude of different industries. To see how we can be a warehouse provider for your company, let us know.

Maryland Warehouse Locations:
Baltimore, MD
Hagerstown, MD