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Our warehouse locations in Montana serve as a great meeting point for goods being shipped to the west coast, specifically the northwest.

Travelling through the entire state of Montana may take a complete day to do. In fact, if you were to take the major interstate that runs through the state, I-90, from one side of the state to the other, it would take you around 13 hours. Having a public or contract warehouse facility means goods can be dropped off and picked up by another company, saving you money on one large transcontinental shipping cost. Montana also serves as a great location for goods moving into Alberta, which is one of the fastest growing provinces in Canada.

Our warehouse facilities are able to handle most industries, including beverage, agricultural, retail, chemicals, metals and food and groceries. We have clients that are able to provide cooling and freezing storage facilities along with consolidation, cross-docking and transloading. Trucking services are also available from this location.

See how a Montana warehouse location can benefit your company’s logistic efforts today by asking for a quote. It’s always free, and it could wind up saving you money in shipping costs.

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