Now is a Great Time to Start Preparing Your Warehouse For Cold Weather

Warehouses in the WinterWinter brings with it colder weather and when temperatures outside start to go below freezing, it’s time to make sure your warehouse is ready for the colder weather. What are some things you can do to help keep warm air inside while also minimizing the impact of carbon emissions?

HVAC Systems and Air Circulation

First, service your HVAC systems. They may be inefficient and in need of a tune-up, especially if they run off of natural gas. During the months of October and November, it’s a good idea to have your HVAC units serviced. Have the technician check/replace filters. Make upgrades if needed, too.

Next, consider that hot air rises. Therefore, air circulation within the warehouse is important. Do you have industrial fans installed and in working order? If so, utilize them to “push down” warm air, such that you’ve got good air circulation in the building. Did you know fans can help save up to 30% of heating costs each winter?

Energy Staving Tips

Also, what about doors? If you’ve got high-speed doors, those help keep two areas temperature controlled while decreasing the need for more energy usage. You can also utilize air curtains in certain areas.

Do you have any windows or skylights? If so, great! These can reduce your energy costs, providing heat to your building (from the sun) while also providing natural light. Use retractable blinds in order to close windows and skylights during times when you don’t want the sun shining directly in– like summer.

How are your dock doors and levelers? Are they properly sealed? A lot of air can get in or out through gaps around doors! Weather stripping can help. Worn seals should be replaced.

As for internal combustion forklifts and equipment, keep in mind that engines emit CO2. Of course you could convert your lift trucks to electric… or at least have emission(s) tests done and see how your equipment is doing. Perhaps have your lifts and equipment serviced before the winter in order to have the engine/fuel supply/exhaust all adjusted/serviced so they’ll minimize their CO2 impact.

These are just some ways to prepare your warehouse for the winter.

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