Oklahoma | Warehouse Services

For over 50 years, Affiliated Warehouse Companies has been helping clients with logistic and warehousing needs across Oklahoma.

With warehouses located in three locations in Oklahoma, there’s a convenient location to reach your destination, whether it’s located in Oklahoma or outside. Oklahoma’s location in the country makes it a very attractive logistic center for many manufacturing companies. Major interstates run through the state, including I-35, I-44, and I-40 with rail services available throughout the state also.

Our Oklahoma warehouses are located in Oklahoma City, Ponca City, Stilwell and Stillwater. Each location is unique, but each is able to work with a wide-array of industries while offering superior services. With such a diverse economy, from agriculture, to energy and manufacturing, our public warehouse clients have the ability to work with you.

Services at these locations include, but are not limited to consolidation, contract, cross-docking, HazMat and freezer and cooler warehousing. Find out why our Oklahoma public warehouses are some of the best in the country. Contact us for a free quote today.