Preparing Warehouses for the Cold of Winter

Cold warehouse worker in winter hat and jacket look at stack of boxes in warehouse

In most places, summertime gets hot and wintertime gets cold. Storing goods at a warehouse should be a good experience, but sometimes things go wrong and items (as well as warehouse workers) get too hot or too cold. Winter, for example, can bring with it freezingly cold temperatures along with ice, snow and brutal winds. How can a warehouse control its temperature, especially during the cold winter months?

The recommended ambient temperature for a typical warehouse– that’s not storing cold/frozen goods– is between 69 and 78 degrees with a humidity in the range of 20 to 60 percent. In the winter, the outdoor air temperature could be below freezing, right? And doors to the warehouse may be opened, letting in that cold air.

What are some things warehouses can do to best control the indoor temperature in the winter?

Insulation matters, especially when it comes to doors. Steel roller shutters can be downright cold, so insulated sectional doors are a better option. Any areas where insulation can be added can help prevent heat loss. Also, the layout of a warehouse matters as well. Sometimes goods are placed in positions where they’re blocking heat vents! If that’s the case, shelving units, pallets, cargo, etc. should be moved to allow the free flow of warm air. Industrial fans can spin in a direction to direct warm air downward when needed. How’s the warehouse’s HVAC system? Has it been maintained or is it not working properly? It’s a good idea to have experts check and fix the HVAC system on a regular basis so it works efficiently. Otherwise, the warehouse isn’t being heated or cooled as intended. 

Finally, if the temperature in the warehouse is a bit colder in the winter for whatever reason then managers should consider letting workers wear gloves and hats to stay warm. Managers should also provide heated break areas.

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