South Dakota | Warehouse Services

Our South Dakota warehouse facility provides companies a stopping point while travelling cross-country. It takes over five hours to reach one side of the state to the other, so companies use our South Dakota client as a place to consolidate or cross dock their goods and services.

An advantage South Dakota provides logistically is its proximity to Canada. Using I-29, Canada can be reached about five hours, with Winnipeg, Manitoba reachable in less than seven hours.

Primarily an agricultural state, our public warehouse in South Dakota located in Sioux Falls can provide storage and warehousing services for the agriculture, retail and textile industry. Freezer and cooling storage is also available at this location.

For 60 years, AWCO has been a third-party service for warehousing clients, finding them companies and manufacturers a clean and reliable warehouse to store, receive and ship goods. We only work with honest and trustworthy warehouses, and our South Dakota warehouse is no exception.

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South Dakota Warehouse Locations:
Sioux Falls, SD