Sunland Distribution, Inc. Changes Name to Sunland Logistics Solutions, Inc.

Visit Website for Sunland Logistics SolutionsSunland Distribution, Inc. is pleased to announce that on May 1, 2013 the company officially changed its name to Sunland Logistics Solutions, Inc. The company is proud of what Sunland Distribution stands for and the company it has evolved into over the last 30 years. Sunland has recently embarked on the journey to realize the vision of becoming a truly great third party logistics company and to fulfill its purpose of “helping customers do what they do better.” This is more than a name change, as it reflects the company’s dedication of becoming a quality and innovations leader in the industry, expanding its footprint into new regions, and growing from a tactical to a strategic provider.

 About Sunland Logistics Solutions: A thirty-year old, third party logistics company based in South Carolina, Sunland Logistics Solutions, Inc. serves the needs of companies primarily in the chemical, automotive, retail, and paper industries; and specializes in providing warehousing and value added services, transportation solutions, and staffing solutions in the Southeast.