The Continued Growth of the Warehousing Industry

Unfortunately, there have been many people who have lost their jobs over the course of the last decade-plus, as more and more retail stores have decided to close up shop. The ecommerce industry is booming, and it has done irreparable harm to many retailers who simply can’t keep up with those companies with a strong digital footprint. However, there is a silver lining to all of this, and that is that the warehouse industry is growing at the moment as companies like Amazon build gigantic warehouses in cities across the country in order to store the products they are selling online.

The Chicago Tribune ran a long piece recently about the effect that Amazon warehouses have had on those former retail workers who have lost their jobs in recent years. The article pointed out that Amazon runs large warehouses in places like Columbus, Ohio, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and San Bernardino, California that have helped provide employment for thousands of people displaced in the retail collapse. Amazon has been very vocal about its commitment to hire more than 100,000 new workers over the next year or so as it continues to experience immense growth. In addition, the hope is that even more people will find work as a result as the expansion of Amazon.

Amazon is easily one of the biggest companies opening warehouses all around the U.S.; however, many companies are also finding out about the benefits of gobbling up warehouse space. It gives companies the ability to manufacture and store goods that they can then sell online, and it helps their bottom line in the process. It also provides jobs for many people, and if the current trend continues, the warehouse industry could very well turn into one of the largest industries in America before long.

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