Tips for Keeping Your Warehouse Warm in the Winter

During the wintertime, it’s going to be almost impossible to keep your company’s warehouse at a comfortable 72 degrees at all times. Most warehouses simply aren’t designed to be that warm. For example, if you have a warehouse in Chicago or New York City, winter winds are sure to make things difficult on workers. Nevertheless, you can take steps to keep the temperature as high as possible during the winter months. Here are some helpful tips for keeping a warehouse warm once it gets cold outside.

Make sure warehouse doors are closed when they don’t need to be open.

One of the easiest ways to raise the temperature in your warehouse is by closing loading doors and entryways whenever they aren’t being used. Far too often, warehouse workers will open a loading door several minutes before a shipment arrives or keep it open for a few minutes after a shipment has left. This can allow a lot of cold air into the warehouse and counteract the heating measures you are taking inside of it.

Find ways to improve the airflow in your warehouse.

It can be a real challenge to maintain a steady airflow inside of a warehouse. As a result, warm air will often rise and stay towards the top of it, which will make it feel much cooler down below where people are working. You can change this by positioning fans that are designed to push warm air back down and bring the temperature of the entire warehouse back up. This is a cost-effective solution to a heating problem as fans don’t cost much to run but can make a big impact.

Install additional heaters in areas of the warehouse where your employees work.

If you just can’t seem to bring the temperature in your warehouse up no matter what you do, it might be time to invest in some new heating units. Specifically, you should place heaters in spots where your employees will be working so that they can make the most of them.

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