Tips for Preventing Warehouse Fires

A fire that takes place in a warehouse can be devastating for any company. Outside of the fact that it will put your inventory and equipment at risk, it can also put your employees into grave danger and could potentially be catastrophic. You should do everything in your power to prevent fires from starting in your warehouse in the first place. Here are a few tips to help you do it.

Tell your employees smoking is not permitted anywhere on the premises.

This should almost go without saying, but your employees should not be allowed to smoke in your warehouse. In fact, employees shouldn’t even be allowed in the general vicinity of your warehouse while smoking. If they are going to do it, there should be a small designated area far from the warehouse. Post signs to let them know smoking will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Limit the number of flammable materials you keep in storage.

Depending upon what type of company you run, you might be forced to store some flammable materials in your warehouse. Nevertheless, you should limit the storage space you devote to them. You should also strategically place the materials so that, if there is a fire, the materials aren’t located near particularly valuable items or areas where a lot of people work.

Install fire sprinklers.

The most effective way to reduce the chances of a fire overtaking your warehouse is to have a fire sprinkler system put in. At the first sign of a fire, it will spring into action and either put the fire out completely or, at the very least, stop it from spreading throughout your warehouse. It could save a lot of inventory and potentially even save lives in the event of a fire.

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