Tips for Selecting Warehousing Equipment

Forklift loader lifting pallets in warehouseSo you have a warehouse, and you need some warehousing equipment. You ideally want to invest in warehousing equipment that has a positive impact on the productivity and efficiency of the warehouse, right?

What are some helpful tips for selecting warehousing equipment?


First, determine what you might need to make your warehouse work better– and then shop for such equipment, seeing who offers decent prices and can actually fulfill your order fairly quickly. Even if a company offers low prices, if they can’t ship you the equipment for a couple months and you need it in a couple weeks, then it’s not the right deal.

Next, analyze how your warehouse currently operates and figure out where you need to make improvements. Maybe the warehouse layout needs to change, or traffic patterns aren’t the best… Whatever it is, find equipment and/or technology that can streamline processes in order to give your warehouse impactful improvements. Ask yourself this: “Would this equipment help us save money? Would it help us make more money?”

Training Time

With regards to new equipment, take into account the amount of training needed for workers to understand how to use it properly. Does the vendor offer in-person, on-site training services and/or support? How long does it take for the average person to learn how to use the equipment/technology? Will upgrades be needed in the future (especially if it’s software)?

Word of Mouth

Here’s a good idea: ask around and see what others are saying about particular pieces of equipment or technology. If you have friends who work in other warehouses, ask them what’s working well, and what’s not.


Finally, complete this sentence: “If I bought such and such, how would it change the warehouse?” You might need to make staffing changes to accommodate the use of new equipment. You might need to physically alter the layout of the warehouse, too. Do your best to think “big picture” and “into the future” when deciding to invest in new equipment for the warehouse.

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