Warehouse Demand is on the Rise in Atlanta

Warehouse Demand in Atlanta Warehouse demand is up in many big cities across America, Canada, and Mexico. However, few cities are seeing warehouse demand rise as dramatically as it is in Atlanta right now. There are more and more warehouses going up throughout the city, and that trend is expected to continue well into the future as companies set up shop within the city limits.

Through the first three months of 2018, almost 90 percent of the total commercial construction that took place in Atlanta was directly tied to warehouses. More than 16 million square feet of space devoted to warehouses and distribution centers was under construction during that time. There is a high demand for warehouse space in Atlanta at the moment, and in particular, there is a demand for warehouse spaces that are larger than 1 million square feet. Many companies are also on the hunt for spaces located near the Interstate-85 south corridor, which has brought the vacancy rate in the area down to almost 7 percent.

There are a lot of specialized warehouse spaces going up in Atlanta as well. Many companies are using advanced supply chain management systems that are helping them with things like packaging and shipping and making them more efficient. However, to use these systems, they need warehouses that have extra high ceilings and plenty of available parking. This has led to companies building more spaces that can meet the demands of those in search of specialized warehouses.

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