Washington | Warehouse Services

Affiliated Warehouse Companies specializes in helping industrial businesses find the specific services they need. Regardless of whether you need to find warehousing space, a trucking service or a distribution service, our company can help by finding a reputable company to handle your needs.

Since 1953, our businesses have formed an extensive network of professional warehouse contacts throughout the United States, and parts of Canada and Mexico. As such, we help you locate the business you need, regardless of where you are located.

One of the many states we have a plethora of contacts in is the state of Washington. If you need a place to store your inventory, we can help you find the public or industrial warehouse you need in Seattle, Kent, Richland, Spokane and Pasco Washington. To learn more about the types of services our contacts perform, please see the links on the left, or give us a call at 732-739-2323.