What is E-Commerce Fulfillment?

E-Commerce Fulfillment Graphic

Okay, you have a business. And that business sells stuff online. How does that stuff get to the buyer? If it’s physical, in nature, such that you can touch it, then it needs to be shipped to the buyer so they can receive it in person. The buyer wants to get what they bought quickly and in great condition. This is called e-commerce fulfillment– a customer’s order gets delivered to them intact and on time.

E-Commerce Fulfillment Overview

If you’re working with a warehouse that houses the stuff you sell online, what’s involved in that supply chain? Well, it’s a flurry of activity that includes processing orders, order picking (where someone or something, such as a robot, finds the item on a shelf, a pallet, or in a bin in the warehouse), packing orders, transporting orders, and documenting receipt of the order(s).

Some manufacturers or retail outlets own and use their own fulfillment system. Others use third-party logistics companies. Either way, items end up at warehouses where they’re stored until they’re bought and need to be packed up and shipped out to the buyer(s).

Thankfully, warehouse technologies and equipment have improved warehouse workflow and storage in recent times. Layout and design work in favor of maximizing efficiency, such that items can leave the warehouse quickly. It’s not unusual these days for someone to buy something online one day and have it in their hands that very same day or the next day, if everything’s running smoothly.

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