What Should You Avoid When Searching for a Warehousing Partner?

Interior of a modern warehouse storage of retail shop with pallet truck near shelves

Are you thinking of taking on a warehousing partner? You have to be careful who you choose! What are some mistakes to avoid? 

History of Success

For starters, when you look at potential warehousing partners, do what you can to measure their success or lack of it. For instance, how often do they make inaccurate shipments? How satisfied are their customers– how do they rate the service? Can they show you accurate statistics chronicling the work they do each year and whether or not they’re meeting their own goals?

Don’t Judge a Book By Its Cover
Next, don’t just choose a warehousing partner because they have a “nice looking website.” A website and the actual business are two different things. They might have the coolest, flashiest website but the actual warehouse isn’t run well. Or vice versa! Oftentimes you’ll find testimonials on websites, but you should wonder, “Are these even real customers’ real words?” If there’s a way to find unbiased, objective reviews online, consider those for “the real deal.”

Finding the Right Fit

Thirdly, remember that time and money go together– you have a limited amount of time to accomplish your goals, and you have to be careful about the money you spend. So, do you want to do all the work yourself to save a buck (but have all the headaches) or would outsourcing be a logical and helpful choice for your business? Most times outsourcing is the best choice.

Should you look for a nearby partner? While that may be ideal, at least be open-minded about different options. Sometimes a warehouse a little further away might make more sense location-wise and money-wise. Finally, cheapest isn’t always best. Yes, you want the best deal, but you do get what you pay for and cheap can equal problems down the line. Cheap usually means less technology, less controls/metrics, and less customer service. Be careful who you choose to partner with; If you need help looking for the right warehouse, please call Affiliated Warehouse Companies at 888-865-1150.