An Overview of Important Warehouse Zones

senior worker manual forklift operator in red uniform at work in warehouseWarehouses may have different zones used for different purposes. Certain items need to be stored in certain ways. For example, certain things might need to be stored above or below a certain temperature. Or, if something is volatile, it might need a special cabinet, area or room.

Zoned storage involves locating items in a specific zone of a warehouse that’s determined by characteristics of the item.

What are some of the different types of warehouse zones?

Refrigerated Zones

When you’ve got items that need to be kept freezing cold, they go to a refrigerated zone. Items can include foods or chemicals. Typically, refrigerated zones keep items at 38 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Sometimes, though, things need to be stored at zero degrees Fahrenheit. Refrigerated zones only store materials that have the need to be kept at certain low temperatures.

Dry Storage Zones

If have  items that need to be kept away from moisture , they go into the dry storage zone. These areas are typically kept between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit with low to no humidity. Air conditioning units help keep the temperature and humidity regulated such that moisture isn’t an issue.

Flammable Liquid Zones

Other zones in warehouses can be dedicated to things such as flammable liquids, corrosive materials (such as acids), and gas cylinders. There may also be oversize storage zones where things that don’t fit on a normal size rack end up. And there are also zones where security cages are located, essentially locking up small but high-value items like pharmaceuticals that should not be tampered with by anyone.

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