An Overview of Warehousing Rack Inspections

Racking Systems Warehouses

In order for your warehouse to work efficiently, it’s essential you routinely inspect your racking systems, even if everything seems to be working seamlessly. Of course, you should inspect right away should some sort of forklift collision or other accident occur, which increases the likelihood of the racking being adversely affected.

How Often Should You Have Your Racking System Inspected?

Ideally, you should make time to thoroughly inspect your warehouse’s racking system at least once a year. However, it’s always better to be proactive rather than reactive, so you should consider inspecting racks that have a high risk for damage monthly, and ones that are not as risky at least once every few months.

Where Should You Perform Racking Systems Inspections?

You should try to prioritize racks that serve as high traffic areas, for the same reason if you’re doing research on roads or automobile accidents, you’ll want to study the areas that see the most action. Moreover, you should look closely at uniquely shaped aisles; for example, if you have small, narrow aisles, you should do inspections there often since it increases the chance of equipment nudging against the racks. Ditto for transfer aisles, since again, there is not as much space.

In addition, if your warehouse is an abnormally hot or cold climate, you should increase the prevalence of your inspections. As well, if there was been some sort of impact and damage in a certain row, you should increase the amount of times you check on it. As the old saying goes, “history has a tendency to repeat itself,’’ so if there was prior damage in a certain aisle, there is an increased risk of damage happening again in the future.

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