Are Warehouses Overwhelmed?

Two Warehouse colleagues standing togetherWe are living in unprecedented times. The global pandemic has definitely affected supply chains. And warehouses are overwhelmed! In some markets, occupancy is 99%.

Think about it this way: for several months, things shut down. People stayed home from work. Things became backlogged. And, while people were home, they went on online shopping sprees, ordering things that they wanted delivered to their house– things that would go through warehouses, right? The problem, though, which is still prevalent today, is that there is a lack of workers to work at warehouses. And, on top of that, there’s a lack of both truck drivers and rail cars to haul things, too. In one word– yikes!

What’s Happening Within the Warehousing Industry

Is it any wonder warehouses are overwhelmed? Closures at factories, ports and stores meant things started piling up at warehouses. To further complicate things, when businesses started reopening, a whole bunch of more goods arrived at warehouses that were already near capacity.

Did you know that online spending grew over 40% in 2020 and it continues to grow at astronomical rates in 2021? Imports are at record levels.

The one type of commercial construction that boomed through the pandemic? Warehouses. And they’re not just being built in exurbs or rural cornfields. Because people in cities and suburbs want their deliveries in a day or two, we’re seeing more warehouses being built in crowded cities and suburbs where space is at a premium.

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