California | Warehouse Services

From coast to coast, Affiliated Warehouse Companies’ extensive network of warehouse and storage locations keeps your freight and materials safe, secure, and available instantly across the continent, from New York to Los Angeles and everywhere in between. We have affiliates in all of the major centers for commerce across California, extending the coastline so that your company has access to reputable and reliable storage spaces in any of our 9 locations in the region.

Stretching to each end of California, our network of warehouse affiliates can accommodate any product or freight in ideal conditions to ensure your products arrive to their final destination as they left. Affiliated Warehouse Companies also offers a range of shipping, freight and docking services to better accommodate all of your business’ needs.

Browse our site for more information on available services, locations, or to receive a quote, and learn more about the advantages of relying on Affiliated Warehouse Companies for all of your storage needs across the United States, Mexico, and Canada. We offer warehousing solutions in Los Angeles, Carson, Fresno, Hayward, Oakland, Patterson, Sacramento, San Diego and Stockton!