Can Wearable Technology Help Warehouse Workers?

Wearable TechnologyIn thWearable technology is all the rage right now among consumers. From fitness trackers to smartwatches, people are putting technology onto their bodies and wearing it around almost all day at an ever increasing rate. Soon, wearable technology might be able to help those people who work in warehouses every day. Here are some of the ways in which wearables might benefit warehouse workers in the near future.

They can be used to track warehouse workers’ exhaustion levels.

The wearables that are starting to show up in some warehouses all across the country are able to detect how fatigued workers are at any given time. They use things like a person’s heart rate and their stride length to determine their exhaustion levels. This could help a warehouse worker know when they need to take a break so that they don’t get any more tired than they already are.

They can dictate which jobs warehouse workers should be doing.

The last thing that a warehouse worker should be doing when they’re extremely fatigued is operating a piece of heavy-duty equipment. And yet, that’s exactly what many warehouse workers do on a daily basis. Wearables can prevent these workers from being put into situations where they’re forced to take on jobs that could put them or those around them at risk.

They can help warehouse managers set up schedules for workers.

After warehouse workers have worn wearables for a few months, their managers may notice certain trends pop up. For example, they might see that certain workers do their best work early in the morning and not later in the day. This would allow managers to schedule workers to work at specific times when they seem to be at their best. It would also allow them to structure their workdays differently according to when their workers have their highest energy levels.

There are some privacy concerns that might have an effect on how many warehouses choose to use wearables to monitor their workers. But it wouldn’t be surprising at all to see more warehouses work wearables into the mix once these concerns have been ironed out. Affiliated Warehouse Companies specializes in staying on top of the latest warehouse trends and can help your company with all your warehousing needs. Call us at 732-739-2323 to see which services we can provide for you.