How Is COVID-19 Impacting the Warehousing Industry?

Coronavirus and the Warehousing IndustryUnfortunately, COVID-19, the infamous virus that has brought a portion of the world to a halt, continues to spread while causing disruptions near and far. Sadly, as of this writing, the death toll worldwide has increased to more than 18k worldwide, and that number will continue to rise.

Secondarily to health issues, the coronavirus spread has also put businesses in myriad industries in disarray. In the case of America, many states have enforced the closure of non essential businesses, forcing many people to either work from home or sadly be laid off.

Each business is self-diagnosing how the coronavirus pandemic will affect their industry. In regards to the warehousing industry, how will it be impacted by COVID-19?

How the Coronavirus is Affecting the Warehousing Industry

According to a report from Prologis, warehouse real estate is among the sectors most situated to deal with inevitable up and down disruptions that stem from the virus.  This is thanks to longer occupancy deals and the fact that more regional logistic sites are on the horizon as the demand for warehouse space continues to grow thanks to online shopping and other variables.

How Much Stock Is Enough

We’ve all seen shoppers on the news who are loading up on toilet paper, hand sanitizer and other supplies as a direct result of the outbreak. This has many logistic representatives and warehouse workers rethinking what a ideal supply should look like. For example, should a warehouse now have more inventory on hand incase there is a future outbreak? As the old adage goes, hope for the best but prepare for the worse, and having extra inventory on hand could be a boost to both the industry and consumers who have an increased demand.

How Warehouses Can Keep Workers Safe

Of course, keeping the coronavirus away and keeping workers safe is the top goal of all businesses right now. As such, it’s important more than ever before that warehouses take proactive steps to reduce the spread of disease, such as having ample hand sanitizer and hand washing stations on hand, while practicing social distancing. As well, it’s important to thoroughly clean the warehouse several times a day while this virus is peaking, especially surfaces, door handles and other areas that commonly come in contact with human hands.

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