How to Improve Your Warehouse on a Budget

A Stock of Warehouse GoodsIf you own or run a warehouse then you’re probably looking for ways to improve how the warehouse operates. What are some economical ways to improve warehouses?

Back to Basics

First, consider going “back to basics” with how you think about your warehouse operations. Take stock of what you’ve got and where you’re currently at– how’s the pick and pack process working? How does labor fit into the picture? Can certain operations be streamlined by making some minor changes? If you get a chance, review the traditional Lean Six Sigma approach and implement it. Optimize your layout so you’re making better use of your space. Some minor changes can have maximum benefits.

Hands-on Approach

Instead of a hands-off approach, take a hands-on approach. Make lists of your warehouse’s strengths and weaknesses. Do what you can, economically, to fix or eliminate weaknesses. Take a day to brainstorm ideas on how to improve the warehouse, getting input from every possible person you can– from the janitor to the manager. You can learn a lot about a warehouse by listening to the people who work there.

As Service Model

Perhaps consider utilizing an “as a service” model whereas a third party utilizes sensors to collect data from your warehouse. This data is then analyzed to find inefficiencies. Also consider investing in robotics which are cheaper than they used to be several years ago. In fact, try out the “robot as a service” idea to bring in robots when needed– kind of like renting or leasing them. Keep in mind that aisles can be narrowed if and when robots are doing the picking.

Maximize Strengths

Finally, name the top 3 strengths of your particular warehouse. What are the 3 things you do best, better than your competitors? Take those things and run with them, effectively sharing this information with potential clients as well as current customers you want to retain. Oftentimes, warehouses focus on the future while forgetting all that they already have in place that could truly benefit customers. Emphasize your strengths and anything that sets you apart from the competition.

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